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SMATV Systems
SMATV Systems (Satellite Master Antenna Systems) can be used in several applications, whether it's dormitories, health facilities or even MDU properties.  There are different rate cards for different applications, so be sure to speak to a Cipher professional that can answer all of your questions, and guide you in the right direction.  A SMATV System is a headend system, which basically transforms your property to it's own private cable company.  Every channel has it's own dedicated receiver and is then modulated to a particular channel.  These channels are then combined together and are broadcasted directly to your television jack without any additional equipment within the unit.  Programming can literally be hand-picked to fit the demographics of the building and more importantly, to fit budgets.  Satellite digital-quality local channels are an absolute steal with a SMATV system at just $49.99 per month for the entire building.  And premiums?  Premium packages are offered for just $3.50 per unit, per month - compare that to $12.00 retail.
SMATV Systems are favored for their cost-effective programming and ease for end users.  With SMATV systems, the end user just plugs his TV into the cable jack on the wall and automatically has programming with no need for a receiver or "box top set" in the unit.  There's no down time for new residents, they simply plug in and watch TV, with no need to call the cable company for installation and scheduling.  At any time, SMATV systems can be expanded or even down-sized to meet your changing needs.  Cipher can design, build, install, service and maintain your SMATV system, as well as provide the necessary documents to ensure a smooth transition.  Click below on the Rate Card that fits your property.  As with all of our applications, we perform free site surveys.  Call today on our toll free line 1-888-892-6446 or click below on "Free Site Survey Request" and a Cipher representative will contact you within the next 24 hours.